ALRONFITNESS (Exercise Machine)


Size: 116 kgs
Weight: 96 lbs
Color: Black / Silver
Dimensions: 7 inch high
Package Size: 116 kgs


Suitable For All Levels of Exercise: Other similar product out there, does not offer the same or more benefits as AlronFitness does. With this new piece of equipment, you will experience pushups and other exercises at new all levels because it can enable an individual to do many different types of exercises at the same time.

Full Body Workout Solution: The “AlronFitness” can target all your strength in posture and cover the full range of upper body workouts. It can develop a beautiful tone throughout your entire upper body because it is biomechanically designed to meet all upper-body fitness requirements.

Safe And Easy to Use: It is more durable, easy, and safer to use. It does not require heavy lifting and provides a safer alternative or a free-weight heavy-lifting system when performing exercises. It also allows you to use your full body weight as resistance without risking injuries.

Activate More Muscles: AlronFitness is a great machine for strengthening different muscle groups at the same time. It can activate and work on the pectoral muscles in your chest, the triceps, and the back of your upper arms.

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